Medical Physics - Detectors

Detector concepts like hybrid semiconductor detectors are leading to new possiblities concerning imaging, dosimetry and particle detection. Pixelated detectors like the detectors of the Medipix familiy offer a counting mode in addition to the usual integration mode. Furthermore, energy and timing information of the detected particles can be obtained. The group is working on the development of novel detectors and evaluation of applications like a X-ray imaging, hybrid photon detector, active personal dosimetry, material reconstruction, spectrum reconstruction and material testing.

Medical Physics - Imaging

The group is working in medical X-ray imaging with a focus on phasecontrast and dark-field imaging. Four X-ray sources and imaging set-ups are running for the exploration of grating-based interferometric imaging concepts and for the design and characterization of imaging systems. Cooperation with the Informatics department aims at improved image reconstruction and image quality. In cooperation with the Medical Faculty different cases for medical application of the new images are investigated. One example is mammography where calcifictions of a few micrometer size have been detected in breast tumor.

The Medical Physics Group is a working group of the Externer Link: Chair for Particle- and Astroparticle Physics.

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