ECAP Seminar

WS 2016/17

Date Time Speaker Institute Topic
Oct 19
Oct 26 13:00 Julian Rautenberg Universität Wuppertal Radio detection of cosmic-ray air showers
Nov 2
Nov 7
Nov 16
Nov 23 13:00 Timo Karg DESY, Zeuthen IceCube: future vision and R&D
Nov 30 13:00 Axel Schwope AIP Potsdam The Polars (still crazy after all those years)
Dec 7 13:00 Daniel Kümpel RWTH Aachen Hunting for ultra-high energy photons
Dec 14 13:00 Stefan Klepser DESY, Zeuthen The Population of Galactic TeV Plerions and a Major Electronics Upgrade for H.E.S.S.
Dec 21 13:00 Walter Assmann TU München The sound of protons - ionoacoustic range monitoring in proton therapy
Jan 11 13:00 Michael Wurm JGU Mainz Ten years of Borexino: from solar to sterile neutrinos
Jan 18
Jan 25 13:00 Christoph Pfrommer Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies Cosmic ray feedback in galaxies and AGN
Feb 1 13:00 Thomas Reiprich Argelander Institut Bonn Galaxy Clusters

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